W3 Company Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

W3 Company RNZIR, New Zealand Army was on active service in South Vietnam
from 14 November 1969 to 10 November 1970
I mahi te W3 ope tauā RNZIR o Ngāti Tūmatauenga ki Whitināma ki te Tonga mai i te rā
14 o Whiringa-ā-Rangi i te tau 1969 tae atu ki te 10 o Whiringa-ā-Rangi i te tau 1970

This veterans website records the history of the New Zealand infantry company that deployed to South Vietnam in November 1969 as part of the New Zealand contingent that fought alongside Australian and other Free World forces. 

Nāia te kōrero o tetahi ope tauā maupū i tukuna ki Whitināma ki te Tonga i te Whiringa-ā-Rangi o te tau 1969, he wāhanga o Ngāti Tūmatauenga; whawhai ai i te taha o Ahitereiria me ngā ope tauā e noho haumi ana.

   Three of the Company were killed in action or died of wounds and 16 were wounded in action. 

Welcome..! Haere mai..!  Research the New Zealand army involvement in the Vietnam war.  Find service and personal stories and photos of W3 Company, family stories, email addresses of W3 veterans and next of kin, and welfare advice.  Read a glossary of service language.  Scroll down for news of the next Company reunion.  The W3 CQMS Store is here.

W3 History November 1969. At this link is the administration programme published by the W3 advance party.  The programme was required to fit around the departure of W2 Coy on the same day that the main body arrived, [the first W2 flight out using the incoming aircraft carrying the first W3 contingent in etc], explaining why the W3 people were being directed to move into the W Coy accommodation from 0800 hours 14 November despite having been in-country for a fortnight.  The programme anticipated the arrival of the first contingent at 1100 hours, but given the problem with the aircraft while taking off from Changi it is likely the actual arrival time was three hours later around 1400 hours and the 2nd flight arrival at Nui Dat much later than 1730 hours. 

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"New Zealanders have written themselves
into a special place in our history books,
many of them for deeds of exceptional
bravery and sacrifice, but most of them  for
simply giving their all in duty, in courage, and in dogged determination to fight for peace and freedom from tyranny."

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 
Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment speaking in 2006

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W3 RNZIR - part of  NZVVA National Reunion Christchurch 15 - 18 February 2022 (see news)

48th Anniversary was held in Mosgiel New Zealand 16 - 18 November 2018

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this website is dedicated to all the New Zealand infantry & those from other Corps who served in the Vietnam conflict - "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers" - Shakepeare

The role of the infantry is to seek out and
close with the enemy,
to kill or capture him,
to seize and to hold ground
and to repel attack

by night and day, regardless of
season, weather or terrain.


infantry is the major combat element of the Army, frontline soldiers and the backbone of Army service


this website is dedicated to New Zealand servicemen posted on active service in the Vietnam conflict
"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers" -