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Welcome to the W3 CQMS Store.  The items offered below have been developed by Chris Stock with W Company RNZIR veterans and family in mind.  All items have been developed and manufactured in New Zealand and are of good quality.  To purchase contact Chris Stock, 03 548 3010, email nuidat6970@gmail.com, cell phone 021 444 556.  Payment by internet banking.  Prices include delivery within New Zealand - as at 10 February 2016 and may change without notice.



embroidered pocket patches are 90x80 centimetres, on blue or black squares of blazer material measuring 150x150 centimetres - cost $22.00.  The W3 pocket is also available with a black '3'.

the rollout poster 2 metres high with carry case summarises the W3 RNZIR experience.  A copy of this poster has been gifted to W3 RNZIR for display at official W3 occasions.  Miniature versions 900 x 275mm are available - cost $22.00.


the veteran's baseball cap has the complete
medal bar and both the silver fern and kiwi feature. 
cost $30.00.

window or car 5-medals decal - cost $5.00

Jacket Regalia - enquire on price


Polo shirts - cost $40.00

T-shirts in various sizes and colours - cost $30.00. 


lanyards 2RAR and 6RAR - cost $10.00

car flag - choice of W Coy or W3 Coy
cost $17.00

disclaimer: the W3 website is not involved in any manufacture of items and offers this page simply as a service

NZ Vietnam Veterans also has an online Q Store with items of general interest to the veteran community - the link to their site is here.

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