Remembering our Fallen  -  Acknowledging our Service

W3 Company RNZIR 45th Anniversary Reunion

    Treasuring our Memories  -  Valuing our Friendships      

       Timaru New Zealand 13 - 15 November 2015

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remember all our fallen Vietnam comrades

Reunion 2015 - reunion committee
The W3 RNZIR 45th anniversary reunion was held the weekend 13 - 15 November 2015 in Timaru, based at the Timaru RSA.  The weekend programme was a familiar one - in outline:

Friday night - meet and greet including buffet
Saturday afternoon - visit Dave Wright in Esk Valley
Saturday night - buffet dinner
Sunday morning - church service, later AGM and buffet lunch

The reunion organisers issued Newsletter 1 in March 2015 with details of accommodation and  registration.  The reunion organisers issued Newsletter 2 in July 2015 with details of costs and the registration form.  Contact details for the organisers was included with the newsletter and registration.  Reunion organisers issued Newsletter 3 in October 2015

other items of interest including photos can be found below...

The 2015 reunion committee was Peter Anderson and Dick Bennett, shown here with the 2010 reunion organisers Bruce Young, Neil Ure and Ian Caldwell.  Neil was again reunion treasurer and Bruce managed communications via the website and email.

    L2R: Neil Ure, Dick Bennett, Ian Caldwell, Peter Anderson, Bruce Young

veterans at Reunion 2015

54 veterans and family attended the reunion:

who was there in 2010..?   names and photos

  • the 2015 Record of AGM has been uploaded here.  The bank reconciliation is here

  • the W3 CQMS Store stock is online.


Reunion 2015 - Website Reunion Project - webmaster
The W3 Coy 5-yearly reunions provide an opportunity to encourage an understanding of our service and to acknowledge sacrifice - in 2010 the website project had an historical objective to compile the operational timeline for our deployments in 1969 / 1970.  For the 2015 reunion the website project objective is people.

He aha te mea nui? He tangata. He tangata. He tangata. (Maori proverb) 
what is the most important thing..?  it is people.  it is people.  it is people.

There were three outcomes for the 2015 reunion project all of which needed wider veteran support and are still open for contributions:

Veterans whakapapa added to the Company nominal roll - veterans or their families are invited to add their whakapapa [runanga and iwi] to their name in the website nominal roll or their country of birth if not New Zealand - send details here [check out the CSM's details]

Deceased veterans headstone or urn - to acknowledge those deceased since Vietnam there is a push to add a photo of their headstone or urn to the Company nominal roll - see examples [the Headstone project was launched in early 2012].  The missing photos are easy to spot, each gap has this request beside the name, the last known location of the veteran may also be shown.

  • if you are able to photograph the headstone or urn email the photo here [do close-up photos for best detail] and also notify cemetery and location details to allow the headstone to be easily found during any visits. 

  • As many cemeteries have online databases you can notify the details of a veteran and cemetery to the webmaster who will do an online search. 

  • if any veterans are willing to spend time searching out the missing plots drop the webmaster a note and clues can be passed on for further investigation J

Missing Faces - There has been a refresh of the photos in the Company nominal roll [see People], but there are gaps in the photos, or places where a better photograph is desirable.  The objective is for the photo to be from 1969 - 1970 to reflect our youthfulness when deployed and preferably be of the head and shoulders - send here

Reunion Photo Booklet Part 1      Reunion Photo Booklet Part 2

click for Ian Naughton and Bill Paki photos [printable in A4]

'Hot Child in the City' - how many can you name..?


why the title..?  seemed to fit the mood in the photo  [see the lyrics but substitute VC for 'she']

photos are from Ian Naughton's 2015 photo contribution unless noted otherwise


Long Son Island May 1970 - Dave Waaka, Bruce Young, Graham Harris [PB Brown]

George Makowharemahihi 3Pl - dry season Nui Dat lines









Paul Moana, Gordon Alex both 1Pl eating fresh :  Bill Kahaki 2Pl, Graeme Briscoe 1Pl & Len Tallentire Coy HQ [pre-Vietnam]









getting serious - steel helmets and flak jackets        :        Murray Robertson 3Pl, Pat Blair 1Pl post-ops at the beer trailer