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Remembering ALL Our Fallen
Reunion project to collect photos of all
our deceased veterans headstones

email the photo here 
 [do close-up photos for best detail]

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W3 Website Security Update - webmaster 19 August 2021.
The W3 website has a security update that changes the URL (address). You can update by clicking this link https://w3vietnam.org.nz/ then deleting the old one. The change is in the HTTP bit at the start with the S designating a secure site - look for the S if unsure - https://w3.  If the old link is in your task bar Favourites right click on it and delete.

On Facebook..?  - webmaster
W3 RNZIR Reunions
 Facebook page supports W3 reunions and veterans welfare by engaging with and encouraging W3 veterans and their families to access welfare resources and to maintain old friendships.  Join the group here  The page is a closed group for W3 veterans and their whakapapa only.  R
outine news, deaths and other relevant topics are published.  The Facebook page is moderated and restricted to reunion and welfare matters.  The W3 website remains as the W3 RNZIR historical record. 

2022 Reunion Details Attached: The latest information on the Reunion next month in Christchurch are in the attached NZVVA Contact for December 2021 - includes accommodation offers.

NZVVA Contact December 2021


link to more news from 2021 - news archive