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W3 bar in Nui Dat - break from operations
Lynch, Walsh, Preston, ??  [Young] ??,  ??    [Young]
Lynch, Welsh, Preston, visitor perhaps Kupenga, Taukiri
Lynch, Walsh, ??,  ??,    [Young] Nesbitt, Boylan    [Young]
Lynch, Welsh, two visitors Nesbitt,  Boylan
Kahaki    [Young] Toheriri  [1Pl]  Stock [Coy HQ]    [Young]
Kahaki Toheriri,  Stock
Butler & Condon, both mortars   [Young] Toheriri [?], ?? Simeon [seated] Alex [?], Robertson  [Young]
Butler, Condon Red Cross nurses visit Christmas Day
Toheriri [?], ?? Simeon [seated] Alex [?], Robertson
Sgt Dave Heywood 2 Platoon [Rowsell] - After his RTNZ Sgt Heywood returned to NZSAS. He was killed in an aircraft accident in 1981 while with US Special Forces in the Phillipines. name anyone..?
Sgt Dave Heywood 2 Platoon Bob Marama

Mike Williams

[?], Dave Spence, Wally Goodman, Jim Mitchell, David Hall

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