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reviewed and links updated - 9 June 2019

welfare issues you need help with..?  use these links        End of Tour Checklist

Veterans Affairs New Zealand      information sheets

NZ Vietnam Veterans Association [formerly EVSA]

getting a veterans support pension [VANZ]  read this first
getting a veterans pension [WINZ] 

NZVVA (Neville Wallace Memorial) Children's and
Grandchildren's Trust

Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association [RSA]

Vietnam Veterans and Families Trust application

REGISTER AS A VETERAN or Veteran's Family
there are different forms for veterans [even if deceased], spouses, children and grand-children

must read - End of Tour Checklist
Nelson RSA have compiled a checklist of actions and options for spouse or family when a veteran passes

information about veterans support pensions and disabilities presumed to be attributable to service
also treatments for different conditions, and veterans willing to assist with questions or to offer support

our mates...

Victor1 website Whisky1 website
Victor4 website       161 Bty website
Victor 5 website [missing] NoDuff first response veterans assistance
post-tour deceased W3 personnel Cenotaph veterans database Auckland Museum
New Zealand Government Vietnam war website             all Australian and New Zealand combat actions in Vietnam
New Zealand Vietnam veterans official nominal roll           Australian Vietnam veterans official nominal roll
6 RAR Association 2 RAR Association [missing]
1st Australian Field Hospital US Army 45th Medical Coy [Air Ambulance]
161 Independent Recce Flight Kiwi-Vets internet group site
9 Sqn RAAF Australian RAR Association main website

veterans and government websites

New Zealanders at War - Vietnam  Vietnam veterans medals entitlement explained
Australians at War Australian Dept of Veterans Affairs
Australian Roll of Honour Australian Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service
Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia The Wall in Washington (1)
Australian history pages (click on folders) The Wall in Washington (2) 
US vet site [KillroyWasHere] with extensive links Australian DVA Vietnam commemorative site
Australian website with lots of Kiwi detail Malaya Veterans
New Zealand ANZAC Memorial Canberra Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
Australian 'wannabe' ID site [with NZ try-hards]  New Zealand Malayan Vets Assoc website
Australian vet's personal site 2 [interesting detail] Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia [VVAA]

medical and mental health links suggested by US researcher Michelle Peng & others

Military Mental Health Resources

Guide to PTSD and Addiction    PTSD & sleep issues

Veterans and Military Health

Mental Health Services | VA.gov

books of relevance to SVN and W3 Coy

books of relevance to SVN and W3 Coy are reviewed here and here

memorabilia and controversy

Vietnam maps Agent Orange "Op Ranch Hand" website
  NZ Health Select Committee Agent Orange Enquiry
extensive and varied Vietnam reference library report on NZ Government Agent Orange apology
VVAA collection of Vietnam-related books NZ Govt sponsored Vietnam Memories site

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