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Before each move W3 made into and out of theatre, individuals were given a checklist of things that needed to be completed before deployment.  Remember the kit check in November 1970 where individual base kits were checked for explosives, weapons, illicit drugs, too many stolen bits of kit etc..?

The following points are to help you prepare for your next 'end of tour posting':

Make a Will:  The Public Trustee is a good starting point for advice or assistance if in doubt.  Tell your family where it is kept.  A Will describes how your property and other wishes are to be handled AFTER your 'end of tour posting' starts.

Give Power of Attorney:  have two forms of Enduring Power of Attorney prepared, the first in relation to Personal Care and Welfare; the second in relation to property.  Both are legally described in the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 and are effective BEFORE your 'end of tour posting' starts if you are unable to act for yourself. 

  • Personal Care and Welfare: A personal care and welfare enduring power of attorney means that someone can make the decisions needed if you canít look after yourself. This could be because of serious illness or accident  It needs to be arranged while you are still thinking straight. 

  • Property:  A property enduring power of attorney lets you appoint somebody else to act on your behalf in relation to your property.

Resuscitation: Write down your wishes about what you want to happen in the event you suffer an illness or are in a seriously deteriorating state that requires you to be put on life support.

Burial Arrangements:  Make known in advance [remember your Will is read after the funeral...] what arrangements you want: burial or cremation, type of casket or rosebush, the after-match function, services headstone, old comrade involvement, etc.  Do a ground recce and choose a cemetery.  Plan the details with family over a beer if necessary.  Check out the requirements for burial in a services cemetery - also see here

Cost of Funeral:  Make provision for the funeral costs including any pre-paid arrangement.  Check the RSA website for advice on financial assistance available to veterans.  Read the funeral directors website - also see here

At the time of your death, not knowing what you wanted for yourself will really place a considerable strain on your family.  A little planning can make the whole process smooth and give comfort in advance to your family that they will do the right thing by you.

Note: The NZ Herald [Auckland area mainly] has the EVSA logo which can be added to bereavement notices. When placing a notice request the logo by quoting LG 14276 AGLR.  The RSA logo is also available on request.  An attempt to make available the EVSA logo at other newspapers is on-going.  This image for W3 RNZIR veterans can be copied and saved:

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Checklist:  This link is to a PDF checklist intended for use when a veteran dies, print it out and add the relevant details beforehand.

Services Cemetery Burial:  Ex-Service personnel who have had war service, or service that is defined as equivalent to war service, and their spouses/partners may be buried in a Services Cemetery.

Memorials and Services Cemeteries: Memorials and Services Cemeteries administers and processes applications for ex-service memorial plaques and headstones for eligible veterans and their spouses, and manages contracts for their manufacture and installation.

Funeral Grant:
 Veteran's Pension [see link for definition and eligibility] gives entitlement to a lump sum payment on the death of the veteran and a lesser amount on the death of the partner.  This payment can be made only if there is a surviving partner, or a dependent child.  The lump sum payment is in lieu of a Social Security Funeral Grant.

Work and Income Funeral Grant: This grant may be available to the partner, child, parent or guardian of someone who has died, to help towards the cost of the funeral. The grant is income and asset tested.

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