W3 Company - 1ATF Area of Operations

major habitations in the 1ATF AO


provincial maps show different perspectives

click image to enlarge - mouse over for description

John Masters map of Agent Orange spray zones in Phuoc Tuy Province [courtesy website www.abridgeover.net]





another view of Phuoc Tuy province










Nui Dat base bottom right, Vung Tau at bottom, Saigon to left - click map to enlarge


the Masters map - land clearance around Nui Dat:
the different coloured overlays [added at a later date]
 mainly reflect mechanical land clearing

Agent Orange:  a summary map of chemical spray paths across
Phuoc Tuy province as requested by the 2004 Health Select Committee
inquiry is found on page 18 of this link

visit the timeline series to see
actual operational maps

'the Dat'

1 ATF base Nui Dat - likely 1970  ANZAC battalion lines centre left in tree line
the whole base with airfield is enclosed within the road and obvious tracks