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The Rear Party - Peter Henderson

After the main body of W3 departed a small group of soldiers remained behind to finish demolishing the tent lines.  They were commanded by Sgt Harry Hemana and comprised soldiers who needed a short period of time to qualify for the SVN medal.  Peter Henderson was in the party, other names are sought.

One unusual aspect of the group was that they were unarmed, the CQMS having withdrawn their weapons as part of the overall packing up process of the main body.  A selection of photos of the group and the lines as they were left by the group are shown below:

Sgt Hemana in centre [Henderson]little left of a tent site after the rubbish was burnt [Henderson]









Sgt Hemana in centre [Henderson]

W3 lines ammo bunker [Henderson]is that a tennis racquet..? [Henderson]









W3 lines ammo bunker [Henderson]

abandoned Officers/SNCO mess tent [Henderson]little left but memories [Henderson]









abandoned Officers/SNCO mess tent [Henderson]









OR's bar and mess hall [Henderson]








W3 Coy lines cleared and abandoned [Henderson]

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